Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vaaranam Aayiram...

Just finished watching this Tamil movie.

The story follows a man who remembers his father after he receives news that he passed away. The rest of the movie is a flashback till before the end.

The movie felt long, but never boring. A different kind of a movie, executed like 'Autograph'. This was my second movie starring Surya (the lead actor) in two days, the other being 'Ayan', and I liked this one better.

Why did I write this post? Watch Surya's character visit US to visit the girl he fell in love with.

Coincidentally, today is Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wanted to write a bit on it, and perhaps I will, but later.

Came across the news that George Carlin had passed away, and with absolutely no idea who he was, started reading about him. Based on people's sayings, came to YouTube, searched for him and got this amazing gem - his take on religion. Quite a lot of it reflects what I think.

A 10-min video, might seem boring if this isn't a topic which interests you. The others can click below

Friday, June 20, 2008

The ideal laptop...

It is so tough to make a laptop for desktop fans, as they will always be critical of performance, not appreciating the fact that the added mobility advantage has to have a few negatives in performance.

However, if you are a laptop maker, like Toshiba, follow these steps to make the transition so easy. In fact, a lot of Toshiba laptop holders have forgotten that they were working on a laptop.

* Some are familar with shortcuts and try to use them extensively. So move a few keys (like the 'Windows' key) here and there, so that they are more comfortable with it. An additional suggestion is that you keep it away from keys like 'D', 'E' which would be mostly used in combination with 'Windows' so that the user needs just to spread his hands to get hold of the two keys.

* Desktop users don't like switching their monitors off. So make sure you don't have any key which aids in that. However, in its place, you can add a few other keys with descriptive sign, like the male-denoting-sign outside toilets.

* 'Ctrl' is very commonly used along many keys, so make sure it is at least only placed once at one corner. However, keep the option for additional 'Ctrl' keys with blank spaces near the arrow keys. Surveys say that it seems a good teaser.

* Do demonstrate flying performance whenever a heavy option like 'right-clicking' is performed. That means, start running all fans at top speed to give the noise of a plane getting ready to start take-off.

* Smooth multi-tasking - Ensure that the end-user gets smooth multi-tasking by running one at a time, that the user doesn't notice. That includes some fun aspect like, holding all audio, window activity so that a right-click operation can be processed. Users are not curious on what goes on during this microseconds-lasting break, so no information will need to be shown.

Enjoy the Toshiba experience...